Security Testing

Secure your external security position through extensive manual and automated Penetration and Security Testing.


Working in partnership with your team, we help to secure your external security position through extensive manual and automated penetration and vulnerability testing by our team of experienced breakers.

We care about your data and to show just that, we do everything we can to penetrate your systems. We comprehensively identify and exploit any weaknesses in your processes and applications. We work hand-in-hand with your team to develop recommendations and measures to fix and future-proof your value-information and to prevent any prospective exposure. Our approach in nature and depth of testing will vary based on the needs of your organisation and the scope outlined.

How we can help

Server & Infrastructure Testing

Testing your server environments and infrastructure as authenticated and anonymous users to identify flaws and vulnerabilities in your server configuration.

Web App Testing

Testing web applications and content management systems as unauthenticated, anonymous and authenticated users to identify flaws and weaknesses in your applications.

Security Reporting

Performing investigation and testing of iOS and Android applications with the goal of producing a code vulnerability report and recommendations for improvements.

End Point Testing

Investigating communication between the applications and API endpoints to comprehensively understand and identify security failings and vulnerabilities in your application.

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