Cloud Penetration Testing

Mitigate vulnerabilities and build confidence in your cloud hosted infrastructure

Almost 40% of businesses experienced a data breach in their cloud environment in 2022. Identifying the underlying vulnerabilities and misconfigurations are therefore critical in securing your cloud infrastructure.

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What is Cloud Penetration Testing?

Cloud penetration testing is the evaluation of your cloud computing platforms through simulated cyber attacks to identify various vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and other weaknesses that could be exploited by back actors. Cloud penetration testing will typically assess the effectiveness of existing security controls, policies, and configurations across cloud infrastructure, platforms, applications, and more. Our objective during such testing is to uncover potential security risks on your infrastructure and to report these back to you in a human-readable format, ready for remediation.

Testing Your Cloud Environment

Our team of experienced penetration testers and project managers will first work with you to fully understand your requirements, cloud infrastructure and to answer any of your questions ahead of any testing taking place.

Given that not all customer requirements are the same, we tailor our testing based on your specific needs. This means we will provide you with a proposal that includes a testing scope, timeline and strategies to be executed - all of which is carefully crafted and based upon your cloud infrastructure and requirements.

We cover all basis and can provide cloud penetration testing across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Digital Ocean, and any private cloud platforms. Some of the most common testing strategies we execute include:

  • Access Policies
  • User Key Rotations
  • Security Groups/Firewall Rules
  • Exposed Resources

Having specialised in Cyber Security for over 5 years, witnessing the rapid growth of cloud infrastructure has been nothing short of incredible. However, this growth also sees the increase in misconfigurations and vulnerabilities. Bad actors are seeking to exploit your cloud services through any means, it's therefore critical to regularly test your infrastructure as part of your overall security posture.

Lukasz Mrozowski (Senior Cyber Security Consultant, CSTM, AWS)

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