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According to the cyber security breaches survey 2023, a total of 11% of businesses have experienced cyber crime in the last 12 months, rising to 26% of medium businesses and 37% of large businesses.

What is Cyber Essentials Plus?

Cyber Essentials Plus is an enhanced level of certification within the Cyber Essentials scheme. It is a certification developed by the National Cyber Security Centre to help organisations protect themselves against the most common types of cyber attacks. It outlines a set of guidelines and security controls that organisations should implement to enhance their overall security posture.

The certification focuses on the same five key areas as defined in the more basic Cyber Essentials standard:

  1. Firewalls - Ensuring that network perimeters are secure and properly configured to protect against unauthorised access.
  2. Secure Configuration - Ensuring that systems and devices are configured securely with appropriate security measures in place.
  3. User Access Control - Implementing measures to control user access rights and privileges to prevent unauthorised access.
  4. Malware Protection - Implementing effective malware protection measures, such as antivirus software, to defend against known malicious software.
  5. Patch Management - Regularly applying security updates and patches to software and devices to address known vulnerabilities.

The Certification Process

The certification for Cyber Essentials Plus is much like the more basic Cyber Essentials Certification. The main difference in Cyber Essentials Plus is that this certification requires an independent assessment which can be carried out by one of our in-house approved auditors.

You also don’t need any technical expertise either as our team will guide you through the entire process, start to finish.

Cyber Essentials & Government Contracts

Cyber Essentials Plus certification also allows organisations to bid for central government contracts that handle sensitive and personal information or the provision of certain technical products and services. For more information or to chat about how Cyber Essentials Plus enables this, please reach out to our team.

The Benefits

By achieving certification to Cyber Essentials Plus, you get all the benefits you would with the basic CE certification. However, Cyber Essentials Plus has some additional benefits:

  • Rigorous testing through vulnerability scanning
  • Independent verification by external assessors
  • Heightened security assurance against common threats
  • Mitigation of advanced cyber threats
  • Enhanced compliance with regulatory frameworks
  • Increased confidence, reputation, and competitive edge

We had an excellent experience and gained our Cyber Essentials Plus certification with their help. Everything was explained clearly and with great patience and humour. Initially, it all felt very daunting but Paul and Simon were great and actually, the process was pretty quick.
I would definitely recommend and we’ll be back next year for our renewal.

Brian Hughes (BRM Systems)

How Do I Start My Cyber Essentials Certification?

As a Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certification body, we can help you obtain your certification quickly and easily.

To get started, simply give our team a call or enter your details in the form below.

Cyber Essentials Plus for Managed Service Providers

Are you an MSP wanting to deliver Cyber Essentials Plus to your customers? Vertical Structure can help. As an experienced certification body, we can work with you in partnership in delivering Cyber Essentials in an incredibly efficient manner. For more information check out this recent webinar discussing the benefits in working with us when delivering CE.

Cyber Essentials Plus for Managed Service Providers

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