Cyber Security & Social Engineering Awareness Training

We will help all of your staff whether in finance, administration or other departments to understand and deal with the threats they face daily.

The vast majority of cyber attacks originate when a staff member clicks on an unsafe link or attachment.

With cyber threats constantly changing, automated email security programmes only go so far to eliminate bad links.

That’s why, for an organisation to be wholly secure, all levels of staff need to have an awareness of cyber security.

We deliver the following training programmes for staff members who are in non-technical roles, outside of the IT department.

Our security experts will cover topics including:

  • Basic security
  • Basic technical training
    • Examples of different networks
    • Examples of different operating systems
  • Malware
    • Antivirus: What should your organisation have in place?
    • Examples of malware infections and preventions
  • Data Protection Legislation and your responsibilities
  • Invoice redirection fraud
  • Passwords

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