Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Identify and remediate critical vulnerabilities within your network infrastructure

Networks remain as one of the most common attack vectors used by bad actors seeking to exploit businesses and disrupt operations. It's therefore critical to regularly test and strengthen your infrastructure.

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What is Infrastructure Penetration Testing?

Infrastructure penetration testing is a cyber security testing strategy that seeks to identify weaknesses within your organisation's IT infrastructure. It includes rigorous assessment of security measures on network devices, systems, and other components that are part of your IT environment and that are critical to your business operations.

As part of this testing strategy, the desired outcomes are to:

  • Identify vulnerabilities
  • Evaluate existing security measures
  • Risk assess vulnerabilities
  • Plan remediation
  • Improve infrastructure security posture

The testing process involves several stages, starting with reconnaissance to gather information about the target infrastructure. This is typically followed by vulnerability analysis, exploitation (where our team attempt to exploit the system using identified vulnerabilities), post-exploitation (to determine the potential damage and access that could be achieved), and finally, reporting, which includes our detailed findings presented in a human-readable format and recommendations for remediation.

How Vertical Structure Can Assist in Testing Your Infrastructure

Our team of experienced penetration testers and project team will work closely with at the beginning of the engagement to fully understand your requirements, answer all your questions and provide you with our recommendations for testing.

Vertical Structure adopts a customer first approach, so we typically tailor our testing based on your organisations needs. This means we will provide you with a proposal that includes a testing scope, timeline and strategies to be executed - all of which is carefully crafted and based upon your IT infrastructure and requirements.

Our team consists of expert individuals comprising a range of diverse skills from various backgrounds within security testing. This means we can apply a unique perspective to our testing methodology, generating the best results for our customers.

We can tailor our infrastructure penetration testing to include the following strategies:

  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • Penetration Testing
  • Red Teaming
  • Assumed Compromise Testing
  • Active Directory Testing
  • Device Breakout Testing
  • OSINT Review
  • Offensive Activity Log

Our ability to comprehensively test network infrastructure using the above is critical in identifying weaknesses, evaluating your infrastructure's resilience against real-world attacks, and subsequently enhancing your security posture.

Furthermore, our role during the testing process isn't to simply identify vulnerabilities and leave you to interpret the results, but help your team to understand our findings. This will help you and your team understand the potential impact vulnerabilities could have if exploited by a bad actor. This is what we call our 'human-focused' approach to penetration testing with our team working alongside you at each step of the way.

Regular testing of infrastructure is a key ingredient in building resilience against those seeking to exploit vulnerabilities for profit and gain. The Vertical Structure team are perfectly positioned to counter this threat, possessing a unique blend of skills and perspectives to give you the best coverage when it comes to testing and securing your network.

Jacob Steadman (Lead Cyber Security Consultant, PhD OSCP CSTL)

If you are interested in hearing more about the infrastructure penetration testing services we offer, please get in touch.

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