Cyber Incident Exercising

We are an Assured Service Provider for the NCSC's CIE Scheme

Understanding how cyber threats unfold in real-world scenarios is critical a step in maturing your incident response plan. Cyber Incident Exercising does just that, helping you identify weaknesses, gaps and areas for improvement.

The Cyber Incident Exercising Scheme, designed and launched by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) helps organisations of all sizes test the robustness of their incident response plans using simulations that mimic real-life attacks through table top and live play exercises.

Maintaining an incident response plan makes you significantly better equipped to respond to cyber attacks. However, unless your response plan is regularly exercised, it's difficult to measure how effective this will be in the unfortunate circumstance that you're organisation is attacked.

As an Assured Service Provider for Cyber Incident Exercising, our team of seasoned security consultants can help you meet the NCSC's rigorous standards for cyber incident exercising.

We possess the knowledge and expertise required to help you design and run exercises such as table top and live play scenarios and guide you to identify areas for improvement.

Why Do I Need Cyber Incident Exercising?

  • Assessment of Response Plans
    Exercising allows organisations to test the effectiveness of their incident response plans. It helps in identifying gaps, vulnerabilities, and areas for improvement.
  • Team Collaboration and Coordination
    Exercises encourage collaboration and coordination among different teams within an organisation, as well as with external stakeholders and partners. It helps in establishing clear communication channels and understanding each team's roles during a cyber incident.
  • Improved Decision-Making
    Practice in a controlled environment enhances decision-making during high-pressure situations. It allows teams to make better-informed decisions, swiftly reducing the impact of cyber incidents.
  • Organisational Learning
    Post-exercise analysis provides valuable insights into an organisation's strengths and areas that need improvement. This continuous learning process helps in refining strategies and staying updated with evolving cyber threats.
  • Enhanced Reputation and Trust
    Demonstrating proactive measures and preparedness in handling cyber threats can enhance an organisation's reputation. Stakeholders, customers, and partners are more likely to trust an organisation that can demonstrate that it takes cyber security seriously.
We're excited to announce that we can now offer Cyber Incident Exercising services to our clients, as one of the first Assured Service Providers in this field. This new offering underscores our commitment to enhancing cybersecurity and resilience. In an era of constantly evolving digital threats, it's more important than ever to be proactive in preparing for cyber incidents. By integrating CIE into our services, we're equipping our clients with the tools and expertise needed to effectively manage and mitigate cyber risks.
Keith Anderson (Lead Information Security Consultant)

If you are interested in hearing more about the Cyber Incident Exercising services we offer, please get in touch.

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