Vertical Structure Talks Synnovis Data Breach Live on Sky News

Vertical talks to Jonathan Samuels on Sky News about sensitive nature of the Synnovis Data Breach

Written by: David Henderson on Jun 24, 2024

Vertical Structure CEO, Simon Whittaker, talks to Jonathan Samuels on the evening news about sensitive nature of the NHS impacted Synnovis data breach and the ongoing problem of ransomware.

A significant cyber attack on NHS provider Synovus has resulted in the publication of sensitive information by a cyber criminal group. Synovus, which specialises in blood tests, was targeted by hackers earlier this month. Cybersecurity expert Simon Whittaker discussed the breach on Sky News, highlighting the increasing frequency of such attacks in the health sector.

Whittaker noted that healthcare organisations have been prime targets for cyber criminals, referencing notable incidents like the 2017 Wannacry outbreak and a recent $22 million ransom paid by United Healthcare. Despite advice against paying ransoms, many organisations still do. Simon revealed that historically, around 50-60% of organisations have paid ransoms, though this trend is reportedly decreasing.

The NHS's refusal to pay ransoms led to the data from the Synovus attack being published online. Simon stressed that cyber attackers often have no qualms about their targets, posing a persistent threat to the sector.

The discussion also included insights from the CyberTuesday® podcast, which features experts discussing the complexities of cyber security. The Synovus incident raises critical questions about how such breaches occur and what can be done to prevent them, underscoring the ongoing vulnerability of healthcare providers to cyberattacks.

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