Vertical Structure Joins the Tech Talent Charter

Written by: David Henderson on May 25, 2023

We've joined the Tech Talent Charter, demonstrating our commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

Diversity and inclusivity have evolved from being optional to being essential for business success. By embracing diversity, businesses unlock a world of creativity, connect with diverse customers, attract top talent, improve decision-making, and cultivate a positive reputation. Embracing inclusivity is not just a moral imperative but a strategic move that positions businesses as catalysts for innovation and positive change. In a world that thrives on diversity, businesses that prioritise inclusivity create an environment where everyone can thrive and contribute to a brighter future.

And this is why Vertical Structure has continued to commit to D&I. This time, by becoming a signatory of the Tech Talent Charter (TTC).

The TTC is a government-supported, industry-led membership group that brings together 700+ Signatory organisations and equips them with the networks and resources to drive their diversity and inclusion efforts. Becoming a member of the TTC shows a commitment by organisations to deliver greater inclusion and diversity across the tech industry.

It's critical that businesses enable their teams to develop creative thinking and problem solving, particularly in cyber where things move so rapidly. Building a diverse team is crucial in enabling this as it breeds positive culture and innovative perspectives. Becoming a member of The Tech Talent Charter shows our commitment to inclusivity while unlocking unique perspectives and talents from all of our team.

Simon Whittaker (CEO)

You can read more about the Tech Talent Charter and how you can sign up by visiting their website.

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