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With over 500 agri-businesses across the UK & Ireland relying on its products every day, IT systems need to be dependable.



Family owned and run Capper has been at the heart of the rural community for over 50 years and currently employs over 140 people with a turnover of c.£25m

The vision and intuitiveness of founder Robert Capper and his team has enabled company to be involved in three primary operations that are intrinsic to Northern Ireland agri-industries, including fuel sales of coal, oil and wood; the production of animal feed and bedding; and expert transport haulage and logistics.

It also operates a poultry farm and a beef research and development centre.

The challenge

Capper is a traditional company. It does not rely on a lot of technology but there is a shift towards digital to help streamline processes and payments.

Over 500 agri-businesses across the UK & Ireland rely on its products every day so disruption to internal systems could have a knock on effect on the wider industry, as well as impacting on revenue and reputation.

Why Capper Trading chose to work with Vertical Structure

A key part of the Vertical Structure team's role job is communicating with people and explaining cyber security in a way everyone can understand.

They take the time to explain concepts that can be tricky for the average person to comprehend. This includes outlining the business impact of potential threats so vulnerabilities are not ignored or misunderstood, explaining technical terms and encouraging people to behave in a certain way.

Here at Capper Trading we strive for excellent customer service and customer satisfaction. We need to make sure our IT systems don’t let us down.

Managing Director, WRH Capper

The solution

Vertical Structure carried out an internal network vulnerability assessment. It was vital that this was not disruptive to the day to day business operations.

The team scanned Capper Trading's IT systems including desktops, printers and other devices, operational technology systems, file servers, etc., to:

  • See what systems they were running
  • Identify if any systems were outdated / unsupported
  • Check that systems were set up and configured properly.

Vertical Structure's team of experts provided a report prioritising which operating systems needed to be upgraded. It included an executive summary prioritising steps to take including software upgrades for operating systems and also ensured that an executive summary provided a clear and concise view on the topic.


Capper Trading has proactively addressed data security and can be confident that its systems are updated and not exposing the business to vulnerabilities. They can be confident that payments, weigh bridge, other systems are reliable.

We removed any complexity around the assessment for Capper Trading. We made sure report was understandable and actionable. And ultimately we're making sure that the day to day running of the business is not disrupted.

Simon Whittaker, CEO, Vertical Structure

Why updates are vital to keep your systems safe

Software is not like a fine wine, it does not get better with age. It’s more like milk, it goes out of date. And the worse you leave, it the nastier it gets.

Outdated software comes with a host of security vulnerabilities. If you have it, you’re putting your data — and your business — at risk.

Out-of-date software might not be able to withstand an up-to-date cyber-attack. It can give attackers a back door into the rest of your systems.

Businesses with old software are over twice as likely to suffer a data breach.

(Kaspersky “How Businesses Can Minimize The Cost Of A Data Breach 2020).

Your systems will also be more vulnerable to ransomware attacks and malware.

How we can help you

Security & penetration testing

  • Testing to spot vulnerabilities and a report that highlights areas for improvement that all stakeholders can understand. Learn more here.

Social engineering workshops

  • Interactive workshops ideal for non technical staff. We cover Friday Fraud, Invoice Fraud, how to spot phishing emails, etc., so people aren't your weak link. Learn more here.

Cyber exercising

  • Ideal for the senior / executive team: What would you do if you had an incident such as a ransomware attack? Prepare, Practice, Develop your response in a safe environment. Get in touch to find out more, [email protected].

Strategic advice

  • We can help you look at what need to consider from a cyber and information security perspective if you are undergoing digital transformation. Get in touch to find out more, [email protected].

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