AWS Penetration Testing

Ensure your cloud infrastructure is secure and robust

We’re AWS Select Consulting Partners

As an AWS Select Consulting Partner with a security speciality, Vertical Structure are uniquely positioned to assist you with securing your cloud infrastructure.

Our advice will be balanced and realistic while understanding the complexities of real life.

Don’t put your head in the sand regarding your cloud environment.

Whether you are using AWS, Microsoft AZURE, Google Cloud or another cloud provider, we will test your implementation of your cloud service environment.

The reality is that most organisations do not have good visibility into the security configurations of their cloud service environment, leading to some missed vulnerabilities. In a 2019 McAfee study, just 26% of companies had the ability to audit their use of the cloud. McAfee estimated that 99% of exposed instances go unnoticed by the enterprises running them.

What is AWS pen testing?

To secure you from these risks, our team of expert and certified testers will perform manual and automated tests on your cloud environment against established criteria. We will act as both authenticated and anonymous users. Our robust tests will identify aspects including:

  • Poorly secured storage buckets
  • User configuration
    • Password usage
    • Use of multi-factor authentication
    • Key rotation
    • Misconfigured roles and groups
  • Database usage
  • Server and instance configuration
  • Security group configuration
  • Deviation from industry best practice

All other cloud providers can be serviced, too

We don’t just work with AWS infrastructure - systems from all cloud providers can be tested - be they Google, Microsoft, IBM or others.

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